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Make America Plaid Again is a Social Enterprise focused on bringing together the vast majority of American's that want to end the intentional left verses right division of our population.  We want more unity with our fellow citizens, not more division.

The Motivation behind MAPA came from watching a seventeen year old young man have his fifteen minutes of fame as the #plaidshirtguy. He gave us the perfect solution to symbolize the 100 million or more American's that are independent or simply do not participate in the insanity of the red vs. blue circus that we are fed every day of our lives.

Roughly 50% or 100 million eligible voters did not even bother to vote for President in 2016!  The other 50% of us are perpetually split down the middle by propaganda as if we were all rooting for a team in a never ending football game.
The bottom line for all of us is we must focus our representatives (on both sides) on issues important to Main Street America or We the People will continue to lose our rights and freedoms along with our financial buying power.

While uniting people on common ground alone is a great start; we want to take the next step and educate our citizens about the root causes of our overly intense division and what can be done about it.  We have defined our mission, goals and a strategy to create lasting social change and we hope you join us in the fight!

Our Red vs. Blue or Left vs. Right division is the result of decades of corruption of our political and election processes by big money. No issue facing the working people, the poor or small business will ever be solved until we take big money out of politics. Then true leaders (Red, Blue, Green, or Purple) who honestly care about the quality of life for all American's will have an equal opportunity to compete for every elected office without having to sell their votes to the highest bidders.



To bring together our citizens who have gone far too long without representation around the symbol of plaid. Regardless of age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, occupation, income level, rural, city, or suburban residence, education level, goals, achievements and dreams; we all deserve fair and just representation.

To motivate citizens to take action through making small donations to nonpartisan organizations working to reform our political funding and election processes so our voices can be heard and our elected officials actually vote with us and not with their largest donors.

To financially support all Plaid Patriots to become influencers in the fight against corruption.


As a Business, our goal is simple:

To sell a stylish plaid hat and with the help of our customers move into tee-shirts and other plaid accessories so we can grow and be self-sustaining.

As a Social Enterprise, our goals are far more complex than simply selling things to make money.  We have three specific goals.

To unite millions of American's to form a massive visible army of Plaid Patriots who do not accept being forced to chose a money corrupted red or blue position that only supports further decline and division.

To educate millions of our citizens about the true enablers of corruption and the nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations working to reverse decades of laws and policies that only favor Wall Street and the upper class. Systemic changes (not campaign promises) are needed that ensure Main Street individuals and small businesses have the strongest representation, not the weakest.

To generate millions of dollars in small donations and matching funds to support the most aggressive and capable nonprofits working on campaign finance reform, election and anti-corruption laws.

To engage everyone who purchases a MAKE AMERICA PLAID AGAIN HAT to become a social influencer as our affiliate and start earning 10% on every hat sold via the special links and banners we provide.


As a Social Enterprise, we believe that money is important, but not more more important than people or the planet.

We believe the best life to live and work to do is to earn a living while trying to improve some social ill.

We will always offer the best possible quality at the lowest possible price for everything we sell. 

We will only promote nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations with experts in law who are fighting any form of political or election corruption. This is because absolutely nothing important to everyday people can truly be improved by elected  officials that depend on large donors to obtain and keep their positions of power.