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Legal Corruption - The Truth is Hard to Swallow

by PDX Webstars |

If you are a thinking person, you probably find yourself thinking about why a nation of 330,000,000 people who mostly grew up with the same American Dream could end up completely divided against one another?

The truth is we have all been programmed to accept one of two extreme positions about what is best for our nation, but neither position actually teaches us anything resembling the truth about how our Constitutional Republic and it's beloved Capitalism actually works.

In fact, the last thing those who benefit the most from our blind consumerism is an educated population that understands how the political (law making) system actually functions.

The message in this video is why Make America Plaid Again exists. The Plaid Shirt Guy gave us the symbol of plaid as a unifying symbol for a diverse population, but to be unified without a worthy cause is meaningless.  The worthy cause we support is the fight against corruption and specifically "legal corruption."   Yes, that is correct, "legal corruption" is a real thing and it is so bad that most people on the left and the right are completely unaware of it's existence. Legal corruption has allowed a relatively few very selfish citizens to legally steal trillions of dollars from the working people who actually generate all wealth.

Watch this video and become instantly aware of the power of legal corruption.

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