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Sick of Red and Blue, Left and Right? Let's Make America Plaid Again!

by PDX Webstars Collaborator |

One thing any intelligent free thinking human being should clearly see today is that our American society is completely driven by a political system that has been universally corrupted by the desires of the most wealthy among us.

We really can't blame the wealthy for using their money to their own advantage. This is how they see life, everything is for the taking.  Unregulated markets are easy to manipulate. Capitalism to them is the ultimate ethics-free and empathy-free wealth generation system which can hide the true manipulators of the system behind a vast network of legal entities which allow them to act without any concern about their grotesque behaviors.

This predatory form of Capitalism sadly reminds everyone that he with the most gold has the right to exploit everything for a fast buck. If one group is too stupid or too poor to take advantage of others for profit, that is their problem, they can go cry a polluted river. 

The right-wing is symbolized by its red color, an elephant and its "Make America Great Again" hat. The GOP feeds their followers with lies and fears about anyone that does not swallow their emotional, doom and gloom sound bites.

The right-wing cares nothing about the true needs of the poor, working and middle classes.  They just point fingers at people and groups to blame, fear and hate.

You will never hear valid solutions to the struggles of the average citizen coming from the right-wing. Just watch FOX News for one hour and you will understand my point. As long as you wear the red hat, they know you won't notice how the game is played and you will do exactly as you were programmed to think and react.

Uneducated people living their entire lives in the rural countryside are easy prey for right-wing propaganda. Their followers live in fear and remain content with their own exploitation. They see no need to check facts or study anything, just follow the leaders and don't ask any questions.

Of course the red team uses religion as a weapon too and again the so-called religious among them seem to completely miss the irony of hate-filled Christians wanting less and less for the poor and working as some kind of solution to poverty and debt or giving massive tax breaks to corporations investing in offshore ventures and military weapons as the best ways to bring jobs back home.

Red hats just need to keep an eye out for Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Gays, Illegal Aliens, Pregnant Unmarried Women (already sinners and may be thinking of abortion), Atheists, Terrorists, and people who ask questions about police brutality or white supremacy.

Somehow they see the need for more military, more militarized police, more prisons and walls along with elimination of strong public education, the arts, the study of science, logic, personal finance; environmental and food supply protections; fair wages; Social Security and affordable medicine and medical care, as the yellow brick road to MAGA?

The left wing has no symbol other than the color blue and a Jack Ass. They speak to human, civil, social, racial, environmental, consumer and worker concerns, but that is all they do. In reality, the care nothing about justice and democracy as they carefully hand pick corporate friendly candidates that will attract the most money for creating attack ads that trigger voter emotions.

Both parties are also mostly funded by the same wealthy elites (almost all are high level executives in corporations), some might argue red is for the oil and military-industrial complex and blue is for banks and Wall Street.  However, they all donate heavily to both colors as it's a cheap price to pay to ensure your industry is allowed to rape the individual citizen and the environment for the maximum short-term profit potential possible.

The GOP and DNC are two puppets for one master and again it doesn't take a scientist to find mountains of evidence showing they both simply exist today as a sort of high school football game for the busy masses of red and blue hats to focus on while the real game is extracting wealth from the oblivious masses; kind of like paying $22.00 for a cup of crappy beer and a low grade meat hot dog at a sporting event.

Make America Plaid Again holds no allegiance to the red (GOP) or the blue (DNC). We only care about facts and which candidates and causes truly vow to address human, civil, racial, environmental, consumer, and worker concerns. PERIOD.

If we look to history, we find one subset of politicians are responsible for nearly all of the advances enjoyed by the working and poor citizens today. That subset go by the label of "Progressive."

The Progressives were and are activists or the driver's for change. Changes that are absolutely not wanted by the ruling class as it requires them to pay their fair share of taxes in relation to the trillions they take from the hands of the people who made it all possible for them in the first place.

Change forces the wealthy to have to listen to the needs of others and make fair accommodations to satisfy those needs. All of these changes were tremendous wins for "The People," regardless of their hat color and only a fool or a corporate drone would dare say otherwise.

Abolition of Slavery

The Right of Woman to Vote

Ending Child Labor

Monopoly Busting

Safe Working Conditions

Workers Right to Organize

40 Hour Work Week, 8 Hour Work Day

Minority Voting Rights

Safe Food and Drugs

Consumer Protection

Workman's Compensation

Unemployment Insurance

Food Stamps

Right to Recall Elected Officials

Social Security


Separation of Savings and Loan and Investment Brokerage

Protection of the Wilderness, Waterways, and National Parks

Civil Rights

Public Broadcasting

Peace Corp

Head Start

Fair Housing

Equal Opportunity

Restrictions on Cigarette and Alcohol Advertising

Anti-Pollution Standards

Protection of Endangered Species

Gay Marriage

Reproductive Rights

While Progressive American's have made numerous contributions to the quality of life we all enjoy.  Everything they fought and died for are under constant attack and possible reversal or destruction through reduced funding, deregulation and privatization.

So, here is a simple way to:

1) Show your support for the rights of the people over the desires of the greed-first, soulless corporations.

2) Donate to and promote causes that solely work for the working and poor people and do not bow to corporate or big money donors wishes. 

3) Donate to and promote candidates that vow to represent us and vote for the laws that those good causes work so hard to get in the position of actually being voted on by Congress.

Several candidates have vowed to not take Corporate PAC money, but this isn't enough because wealthy donors are by far the largest source of money for all candidates. Until we have true campaign finance reform and a publicly funded advertising budget to equally share each candidates policy positions (with zero tolerance for negative attack ads); we will be hard pressed to find anyone other than Bernie Sanders able to stand up on donations strictly coming from average American's. Campaign Finance Reforms are a must have or there will be no progress on any issue important to the common people.

MAKE AMERICA PLAID AGAIN does not endorse any political party or candidate. Everyone needs to do their own homework and vote with the facts and not on simple sound bites and physical appearance.

Please buy and proudly wear a MAKE AMERICA PLAID AGAIN hat as this alone will show your solidarity to the cause of ending corruption and help put money in the hands of the people fighting on the front lines against the mega-rich by making a small donation to one of the organizations we support.

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