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Propaganda Divides - Corruption Thrives

by PDX Webstars Collaborator |


Everyday, those of us old enough to remember more than five decades in our American history wonder how, with all of the new technology to connect us, have we gotten so divided?

The answer is actually quite simple.  We have always been divided by the fact that we a live in a very large nation of 350,000,000 people covering 3,800,000 square miles of land. An American living in a rural town simply has no concept of life in a major city and vice versa. They are both American's, but they live in and experience two different America's. Both fight to keep their perspectives without realizing just how this behavior is exactly what the propagandist (Corporate owned political process and mass media) takes advantage of.

Our relative ignorance of one another is an open door for propaganda and thus manipulation that forces us to act against what is actually best for us as individual citizens.  We now have a mass media network owned by a handful of global corporations. They broadcast and write two conflicting stories about everything.  Throw in the impact of the internet on keeping us all indoors and in isolation from one another and you quickly see how we got to this place we are in today.

These two posts were as they are shown on a site that is supposed to be helping us make wise investment decisions.


Our perspective on everything is formed by the experiences we have, where we were raised, the beliefs of our parents and the schools we attended. Higher education is the only means a person has to focus their brain on solving difficult questions.

Regardless of what one studies, the shear impact of long, hard study changes how we look at everything that we truly don't understand. However, education alone without the willingness to listen to and understand other perspectives is little better than being uneducated when it comes to making sound decisions on complex matters we honestly have no experience dealing with.

Sadly, today education is not viewed as a means to become a more rounded and capable decision maker, but a means to a few more dollars per hour from the same corporations that divide us against one another.

MAKE AMERICA PLAID AGAIN exists to support the unification of all American's around the mutual thread of this existence that we all possess; that thread is our citizenship.  Sadly, our schools don't ensure our children understand that there is only one United States of America, only one class of citizen, and one set of rights which can choose to exercise or ignore.  

Each of us has one vote for President, and one vote for each seat in the House of Representatives from our Congressional District and one vote for the two seats granted to our State in the Senate. I would say 80% of us don't even know who these people are that are supposedly representing all of us!  Do you actually think your needs, interests and desires and you didn't know my name or you never contacted me or donated to my campaign that I would be spending my time on your needs and interests?

Regardless of where we live, how much money we make, what education we have, the color of our skin, what ethnic heritage we associate with or religious beliefs we hold; there exists only one brand label called "American Citizen."

Wear the original MAKE AMERICA PLAID AGAIN hat and show the world you are ready to unite against the big money predator class that has corrupted our system of representation. If you donate $1.00 to $5.00 to any of the ten nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations that are fighting corruption head on, we will match your donation.

Alone we are powerless, together we are unstoppable. 







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