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Patriotism: Are you a Patriot or a Nationalist?

by PDX Webstars Collaborator |

Sadly, in a few decades of time, the concept of patriotism has been completely redefined and turned into a divisive term as if American citizens can't be patriotic unless they chose to accept political propaganda as the foundation of their patriotism. 

George Washington warned us about this behavior because he understood the differences between Patriotism, Nationalism and the corrupting forces that use propaganda to mislead the common people to fight against one another. 


Washington on false Patriotism


In considering the term "Plaid Patriot," I have had young people tell me they don't like the word "Patriot" because it invokes the image of a certain class of individuals who support one political party or somehow means one must support the military and police over all else.

This reality exists today because the concept of Patriotism (love for ones country and everyone in it) has been rebranded by the Nationalists who love their country, but not all the citizens who live in it. They are wrongly looked down upon recent immigrants and minorities as they are seen as inferior, undesirable people who illegally enter the USA, commit crimes, and are handed free goods and services.

Thus the bizarre chanting of USA, USA, USA from the Nationalists as if by some magic there are two classes of American Citizens; them and everyone else. 

Patriots are now looked at in the same light as the Nationalists who blindly accept the commands of their supreme leader and that supreme leader has been placed there by god. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party were masters at selling Nationalism to the innocent and devoted German people. Why have we not learned from our history of fighting the Fascists?

What exactly is Patriotism and who exactly are the Patriots?

Patriotism is the love of one's country, but what does that actually mean? A country is an area of land with a group of residents that are recognized as citizens. If one is a Patriot, he or she would love all citizens who defend the Constitution regardless of political party or other differences. A Patriot wants to ensure our Constitutional Rights are equally granted and upheld for all citizens.

As a citizen, we are granted certain rights by our federal and state Constitutions and those rights come with a few mandatory duties such as obeying all laws; paying taxes; attending school until we graduate high school or turn eighteen years of age, attending jury duty when called; and all males must register for Selective Service between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five and they must report for military service when drafted.  

Patriotism is not the rigid, unquestioned adherence to any political or economic philosophy. There is not one word about political parties or capitalism in our Constitution. Someone who merely defends one Amendment or a subset of paragraphs in our Constitution is by no means a Patriot.

A Patriot must understand that simply defending the Constitution does not mean that through the advancement of time and knowledge that the Constitution and all laws are not subject to change or elimination. The Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times as a matter of keeping with the social changes that required our representatives to act on behalf of the demands of the people. 

Any attempt to attach a red or blue color to Patriotism is a misinterpretation. The Preamble of the Constitution provides us with guidance on what one who claims to be a Patriot is actually defending:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

So in simple English, this says we all have the right to expect from our government: Justice, Tranquility, Defense, General Welfare, and Liberty for ourselves (all American's) today and forever in the future. The bulk of the Constitution is about how our Republic or Representative Democracy is formed, who can participate, and how laws are enacted. Most citizens are aware of one or more of the first ten Amendments which are known as the Bill of Rights.

A Patriot must be on constant watch over those who are working to subvert our rights for personal gain.  A Patriot must be willing to question the purpose and effectiveness of our political system, laws, and politicians when they are clearly failing to ensure our Constitutional rights by giving preferential treatments to a small segment of our population that can spend billions on lobbying and funding campaigns. 

Patriotism in America is grounded in the spirit of protest. Before the Revolutionary War, there were many well documented peaceful protests and boycotts. The people who are known to be the original American Patriots were the rebels. The Patriots rose up against the ruling class (Tories) who were loyal to the King and enjoyed the highest positions and benefits from the throne.  They ignored the needs of the common people, placed unreasonable demands and limits on them and gave immunity to loyalist officials. Does this sound oddly familiar?


Patriotism is about seeking truth, liberty, and justice for allAny law, policy, politician, corporation, religion or media voice that calls for the division of the people is certainly not the work of Patriots. Spreading misinformation is the work of traitors who benefit from maintaining the division. 

Patriotism is not simply about military weapons, flags, eagles, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, or the National Anthem. Those are merely symbols of Patriotism and Nationalism. Displaying symbols may boost ones ego, but they do nothing to advance our rights to Justice, Tranquility, Defense, General Welfare, and Liberty for all; only political action can do that.

Millions of poor and working class American soldiers didn't die on the battlefields so the few could subvert the Constitution and undermine our justice and political systems for personal gain. Read the last sentence again to be sure it sinks in.

Patriots are the few at any given time and in any given place that decide the actions of the leaders of any governing body are no longer acting in accordance with the fundamental intentions of the Constitution which of course is the continuous improvement in the quality of life for all American's in the here and now and for our children not yet born.

Einstein on Nationalism
Join the Plaid Patriots who pledge to stop falling for the political rhetoric of the false flags of red and blue. Learn about the complex and diabolical schemes that both political parties use to undermine our rights and allow greed and selfishness guide laws that only benefit the entities and individuals that can afford to buy what is best for their financial gain regardless of the suffering they cause for those unable to have their voices heard.

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