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Medicare for All: Unless you want American's to suffer and die in poverty

by PDX Webstars Collaborator |

If you think the people don't deserve affordable healthcare and only lobbyists and billionaires deserve everything this land has to offer, you are about as anti-American and one can be.

My Cobra payment is $2,139.00 a month!

I have no illnesses, but I don't dare leave my wife and I without coverage. As she approaches Medicare eligibility, we investigated the advantage plans and the supplemental plans offered.

The one medicine she requires made the annual premium $82,000.00!  So, in other words, she won't be getting the only drug that has helped her condition when COBRA runs out.
WAKE UP! All of you pathetic ignorant fools parroting the media. Educate yourselves. You are either self-loathing uninsured whiners, paid trolls, sociopaths or Mommy and Daddy pays your coverage.

No decent America wishes suffering on their fellow citizens. The proof is attached.  Now tell me the insurance companies deserve more and my wife and I can die or go bankrupt since it's no sweat off of your back. Wait until you are our age and you realize you should not have been so stupid to ignore politics and leave it to the for-profit corporations to take care of you. 

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