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Disconnect Between Progressive Organizations and the DNC

by PDX Webstars |

Corruption, namely the "legal corruption" of our political system by big money is intentionally danced around by both the Democratic and Republican parties. The influence of big money all starts at how political campaigns are financed; who actually writes the bills to be sponsored and voted on; and most telling who benefits from and who is hurt by the new legislation.

We have found the major Progressive Caucuses of the Democratic Party and the DNC in general carefully avoid the topic of corruption in there written marketing communications. They do this while the vast majority of voters from both parties believe political corruption to be the most important issue facing our nation.    

The image above shows how the Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center have different lists of what they say are important issues to address; neither mention corruption or campaign finance reform. 

The overall DNC goes further to distance itself from the elephant in the room by choosing broad platform titles that mean nothing without drilling down into large sums of text which few people will ever take the time to do.

The word corruption shows up eight times in the DNC's ninety-one page platform document.  Interestingly, Campaign Finance Reform which is at the core of all political corruption only gets two very short paragraphs in the section "Restoring and Strengthening Our Democracy." The sixty-seven page RNC Platform document does not mention the word corruption even once.

Shouldn't Progressives align their marketing platforms to minimize confusion and maximize participation? Shouldn't the DNC make the issue of corruption fighting a center piece of their platform since it will attract many nonvoters and Republican's that find themselves now in the Trump Party?

Both Political Parties are massive corporations themselves. They are both in constant sales and marketing mode.  A least the DNC spends much of its time and money on explaining the issues they are fighting for.  The RNC spends all of it's resources in mud-slinging, personal attack ads and appeals to emotions.        

            DNC Platform   

Many conservatives will immediately think Make America Plaid Again is somehow supportive of the Democratic Party. Please break the foolish notion that we are endorsing any political party. We don't believe that either of the parties have any intention to fight the people and entities that fund their campaigns. Politician's that generate most of their funding through small individual contributions would be the only politician's we would trust to actually represent the average consumer.

Our Supreme Court actually voted in favor of a Bill called Citizens United in 2010 making money the most valuable form of free speech. Imagine, just five politically appointed people can change the course of where trillions of dollars are spent and invested and they never stopped to consider that the Constitution was written for the people and not for the corporations or the people with the most money.

The corporate super citizens strips away the voices and the true power of Democracy from the working and the poor and hands complete control to the largest corporations and the extremely wealthy who control them.

To see the organizations we support, just look at the link Who We Support and you will notice that each is fighting various elements of political corruption.


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