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All Dogs Lives Matter (Not Really)

by PDX Webstars Collaborator |

All Dogs Lives Matter (Not Really)

My name is Charley and I am a Pit Bull.  I am frequently looked at with baseless fear. People walk their dogs away from me and give me dirty looks or question my intentions simply because of my breed.  I have had people go full-psycho on me because they thought I was threatening them and their dog when all I wanted to do was play.

The police frequently shoot my kind down for simply barking. Barking while Pit Bull is an accepted justification for killing my kind. The irony is the police train us to attack other people to protect them.  Instinctively, all we do is bark as that is generally sufficient to inform people that they should not bother our owner.

The media only reports on the few vicious Pit Bulls that were taught by their owners to attack humans and fight other animals.  Of course with 3.6 million of us in America, there will be some who were abused or taught to distrust and attack people.  Let’s face if you form a basketball team, you don’t recruit short people and expect to win.  If you want to train a dog to protect you or fight other dogs, you choose the strongest and most loyal and we happen to fit these requirements. 

Sadly, each year 1.2 million of us will end up incarcerated in a shelter and over one million of us put to death simply for being born a Pit Bull. Being stereotyped is not only wrong, it is ruining our lives and its time this baseless fear and breedism is stopped once and for all.

It is documented that over a thirteen year period, 433 of 330,000,000 American’s were killed by thirty-five different breeds of dogs. Unfortunately, for my kind, we are responsible for an average of twenty-two human deaths a year and yes this is a higher rate than other dogs, but not by very much. Even one death is unacceptable, but nothing is said about what led up to those attacks and how many of us were abused, neglected, trained to attack, left to starve by irresponsible owners or forced to fight to survive beatings or being killed ourselves?  Certainly, you can’t condemn an entire breed over the actions of a few of us, can you?

Without the full story or a lot of positive reporting on the 3,599,978 of us who don’t kill anyone;  human beings are forced to form the wrong opinion about me, my fellow Pit Bulls and everything else that is reported only for its shock intensity and advertising value. Sometimes I wonder if there are human beings who profit in some way by perpetuating the lies about my kind in the minds of the naïve public?

Stereotyping is unfortunately an expected response from human beings who actually never owned a Pit Bull and never even had one in their family or close group of friends.  Sadly, instead of seeking to improve understanding; many human beings prefer to hold fast to their beliefs no matter how wrong they may be.

Of course all dogs lives matter, but until Pit Bulls lives matter, that phrase is meaningless to me.  Saying all dogs lives matter is a lie to keep the fear and hatred for Pit Bulls like me alive. The senseless incarcerating and slaughtering of millions of us will go on unless human beings exercise their right to protest and demand changes be made in laws so the people who breed us, neglect us, abuse us, force us to fight each other, and promote lies about us are stopped.

All dogs absolutely do not and cannot matter if we turn a blind eye to the suffering, harm, and unjust treatment of Pit Bulls.

Unlike dogs who do not judge other dogs by its breed, I realize that human beings wrongfully judge one another by many factors. Some can comprehend my reality and some cannot.  Some may simply not have the intelligence to comprehend my message, others live in so much fear that they intentionally respond as if they were angry dogs needing to defend their baseless discrimination.

Since I am a dog and food is my passion.  I hope this gave you something to chew on.

Join me and the Plaid Patriots fighting all forms of propaganda and corruption.  Buy a hat to MAKE AMERICA PLAID AGAIN because breedism is wrong and Pit Bulls Lives Matter:

Charley Barkley


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